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Talks and Workshops for Medical Groups

Department of Internal Medicine

Quillen College of Medicine


“Acting and Performance Techniques to Enhance Presentations,” with co-facilitator Patrick Cronin. Continuing medical education (CME) training.

ETSU, Johnson City, TN. January, 2013.

Office of Continuing Medical Education

Quillen College of Medicine

Speaking in Public with Power and Confidence.” ETSU.       August, 2011

Communication Styles and Gender.” ETSU, September, 2011.

Talks and Workshops for Professional Organizations

Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD)

“Releasing the Gender Chokehold.”

Kingsport, TN. October, 1999.“

Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc.

“Myths of Mothering and Work/Family Balance.”  Career/Homemakers group of NFS.  Erwin, TN.  May, 2005.

Professional Women’s Network

“Workplace Communication Strategies for Women.” Kingsport, TN.  August, 2006.

Society for Human Resource Management

“Gender Challenges in the Workplace.” Johnson City, TN. October, 2012.

Research Talks, Podcasts, and Interviews 

Spotlight ETSU Faculty Interview

April, 2013

A general interview with host Dr. Carrie Oliveira and the ETSU Radio-TV-Film program

Motherhood and Feminism

April, 2011

Public lecture presented at ETSU

(and previously at Northeast State Community College)

Researching Family Meals

December, 2013

ETSU Women's Studies Program's "Women on

Wednesdays" lecture series. [Talk ends at 18:56]

Motherhood and Feminism Q&A

April, 2011

Following public lecture at ETSU

[Note: Q&A starts at 7:49]

Rethinking Motherhood

June, 2010

Hosted by Amanda Marcotte for RH/Reality Check

[Note: Interview begins at 8:10]

Book Interviews with Dr. Kinser

June, 2011

Hosted by Sheridan Nichols with students

from the ETSU Radio-TV-Film program

Six 5-minute episodes

Health, Wellness, and Illness in Appalachia

April, 2017 

A public program partnership of the National Communication Association and the Department of Communication and Performance, ETSU.

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