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More Medical Consulting, Training, Workshops
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American Residency Coordinators Retreat

“Gendered Communications and Relations.” Johnson City, TN. September, 2011

Department of Internal Medicine Quillen College of Medicine

“Acting and Performance Techniques to Enhance Presentations,” with co-presenter Patrick Cronin. Continuing medical education (CME) training. Johnson City, TN. January, 2013.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Quillen College of Medicine

“Gendered Communications and Relations,” OB/GYN Resident Teambuilding Workshop. ETSU.  April, 2011.

“Improving Communication Agility.” ETSU.  July, 2011.

Office of Continuing Medical Education

Quillen College of Medicine

Speaking in Public with Power and Confidence.” ETSU.  August, 2011

Communication Styles and Gender.” September, 2011.

Organization for Women in Medicine

“Presenting Your Patients and Your Ideas:  Women’s Communication Without Self Compromise.”  Quillen College of Medicine, ETSU. April, 1998.

ETSU College of Nursing

“Power and Assertiveness in Nursing.”  With co-facilitor Dr. Patricia Robertson. ETSU. March, 1999.

More prof grps
More Professional Organization Consulting, Training, Workshops

Alliance for Continued Learning

“Motherhood and Women’s Empowerment.” ETSU. March, 2010

Alliance for Continued Learning

American Association of University Women

American Society for Training and Development

Kingsport Rotary Club

“Women and Men Talking.” Kingsport, TN.  April 2008“Women and Men Talking.” Kingsport, TN.  April, 2008.

“Women and Men, Girls and Boys Communicating.”  Tennessee State Conference.  Kingsport, TN.  April, 2004.

“Releasing the Gender Chokehold.”  Kingsport, TN. October, 1999.

“Gender Differences in Communication.”  Kingsport, TN.  Dec, 2007.

Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc.

“Myths of Mothering and Work/Family Balance.”  Career/Homemakers group of.  Erwin, TN.  May, 2005.

Professional Women’s Network

“Gendered Communication 9 to 5 and Beyond.”  Kingsport, TN.  December, 2004.

Professional Women’s Network

“Workplace Communication Strategies for Women.” Kingsport, TN.  August, 2006.

Society for Human Resource Management

“Valuing Gender Diversity.” Johnson City, TN. September, 1999.

Society for Human Resource Management

“Gender Challenges in the Workplace.” Johnson City, TN. October, 2012.

Tennessee Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers

“Gendered Communication Styles.”  Memphis, TN.  November, 2001.

Watauga Counseling Association

“Gender Stereotypes and Children.” Johnson City, TN. September, 2000.

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